The last update is on September 20, 2001 .

We are the one of the department in the world of flight simulation. This is not an any section of a local government, it's for the globe, all the aviation enthusiasts and the flightsimmers.

You should spot some of the resources about the aviations here and we are going to serve your need in our best.

There are four sections in the aviation department as follows,

Resources and Supplies Section

We are providing some resources about the flight simulation, such as panel, aircrafts files for the V.P to make their sim more real.

Information and Press Section

We should post the latest news for the virtual airmen as the NOTVAM includes the trouble and bugs found in aircrafts, panels and scenery. The latest information from real world is also provided.

Virtual Flight School Section

Don't you want to play the flight simulation as you just want to fun only, right? Get some tutorial here as a real pilot on the ground to strenght your knowledage.

Aviation Club of Flight Simmers Section

Feel tired after flight, welcome to have a cup of coffee and leave your message here to share you experience inside the cockpit.