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Notice on 29thJuly.,04::

到目前為止,我們並沒有任何門市,只有透過網上/電話/ICQ訂貨.有任何疑問請與我們聯絡Welcome for order~Pls read the below information for order

**現正接受訂貨,客人透過E-Mail/Phone Call 落訂,可於該月月尾提貨.*急件請與我們聯絡(加$20).交貨方面,我們以面對面,一手交貨一手交錢方式進行,時間與地點方面,我們會以電話聯絡你們,希望能夠與你們配合.

1.WE will collect your order information, and you can take our product at the end of the month.So butter for order them early*pls call us if u are in URGENT(+$20)

2.U need to mark down the Date/Name/Words for us,so that we can put them on the product.

Style: Bar code bracekel BR#0001
Color: black
Size: girl
Word: 1022Chris/mmddyy/Chris(or any u want that show under the barcode)
Your Phone no: 123456
Your E-mail: abc@hotmail.com

3. pls leave your contact to us so that we can contact u to take the product.


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