Linkin Park - Linkin Park Video Vol.1

  1. One Step Closer (MTV)
  2. Crawling (MTV)
  3. Ibn The End (MTV)
  4. Papercut (MTV)
  5. Points of Authority (MTV)
  6. One Step Closer (Live on Conan)
  7. With You (Live at HOB)
  8. Runaway (Live at HOB)
  9. Papercut (Live at HOB)
  10. Points of Authority (Live at HOB)
  11. High Voltage (Live at HOB)
  12. Crawling (Live at HOB)
  13. Pushing Me Away (Live at HOB)
  14. By Myself (Live at HOB)
  15. In The End (Live at HOB)
  16. Forgotten (Live at Hamburg)
  17. One Step Closer (Live at MTV VMA 2001)
  18. High Voltage (Live at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
  19. In The End (Live at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)