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Barry Tam's Porsche 944 turbo


400 HP Porsche 944 turbo ( 968 turbo RS engine set up ) built by Fiorano Motorsport

Why 951? Not Ferrari?

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New interior on the left and old one on the right, the new one is more particle and easy to

drive. The old one looks nice but not good on the race track.

I will install a removable steering wheel when I get back Canada.




400hp engine bay, 0-100km/hr = 4.5sec. I don't know if it is true, but I bit ALL F355. And there was a red F355 try to beat me on HWY407. We started from 140km/hr to 280km/hr. And he was about 5 car spaces behind me at 180km/hr and 10 car spaces behind me after 200km/hr. When I hit 280km/hr ( should be 280km/hr because at 260km/hr I looked at my speedometer and I was still flooring my gas for about 10 more seconds ) I felt boring looking for him from my mirror so I off the gas pedal and waited him. Finally, I saw him when I got back 240km/hr and his mouth was open wide with scary face.

Detail of my car please click here. 

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