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Hi, welcome to vyvy's homepageto vyvy's Journey; this homepage simply presents my photo albums from 2002 to now. I am really busy all the time ( sleep as well..hahahaha), and this is the reason that I simplified my page.
 my newsI just came back from my trip. I went to England including London, Cambridge, Bath and Glastonbury and Paris. My trip is so cool except I always had to "baby-sit" one of my travel buddies. He is such an idiot and I don't want to declare his name in here (but I was glad I had someone I could always yell and laugh at during my trip). I got alot pictures from my trip that I don't have time to arrange, because my semester is already started.I met alot new friends from my trip who made my trip unforgettable!!! I really like the places I have been to. Every place gave me different impression and some of them are out of my expectation. For Stonehenge and Big Ben, I can't imagine they are so different from postcards (They are not huge as the postcard had shown)!!! There are alot I really wanna share with all you guys about my exciting trip. But I don't have time to post my journey's diary now, I will try to finish it after this semester. I LOVE TRAVEL!!! I LOVE TO BE BACKPACKER!!! BUT I NEED MONEY NOW TO SUPPORT MY NEXT JOURNEY!!!!
I am a lazy cat

Go to check my latest travel pictures, I will post more when I have time and don't wanna watch TV or Sleep I love sleeping!!!
travel pics COOL My England pictures
My first afternoon in Paris My Paris pictures
My Quebec tour in Aug 2004.

My Uptodate News: I am taking 5 courses now, SO BUSY. I visited QUEBEC few weeks ago, I love there and I visited the oldest Canadian village, Tadoussac, where is the place I love the most in Canada!!!!

I am going to stop my SILLY TALK!!! There are some of my albums, welcome to take a look! Please click on the album and find out my silly look and my funny friends.
My First Album
My Second Album
My Third Album
My Summer 2004 pictures Vol.1
My Summer 2004 pictures Vol.2

My theory: We live to learn, and sharing our experiences is one of the ways to learn about life.

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I just stop here and this web page will be still construction. PS. I am lazy but I will try to try to make more on my page.

to all my Dear friends

updated Sept 11 2004 (I just updated few this time since I am very busy, sorry) I like cool guys

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