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kentonny^0^( This time is 祈福版 ) come on body!! hehe!!Boys & Girls^0^
Kentonny留言畫板 A lot of picture ar!!吾來得ar~~走寶la!! too bad!! hehe^o^
kentonny交友世界~ 大戰開始
琪琪kaite  (not thing in it,, don't go ar!!hahahehe)
Name: kentonny仲勤 ( It just a nickname^o^ar,u want to know ar!! Later la!!)
I wear know??
Address: T.K.O. in HK
Birth: 1989/5/?  識做la!! Yes!! You are clever ar!!Good!!
Phone : 9346XXXX( Don't phone to me!!ar!)
ICQ number: 130638xxx Don't add me ar!! kill you ar!! You know^0^la!!Wt ar!! I am the head of this web site !!
Please go to my Kentonny留言畫板 write something to me .
Thanks la !!! Everybody, enjoy this homepage la~0~??
Answer me ar!! Don't go to my web site next time ar!!haha!!
winsome kingdom  (Come la!! A good homepage!!)
ERIC( not thing write in it.....collect skins)
1.Chinese kung fu(I had a composition on 21/10 ,~0~ too bad!!I haven't  got any good mark~!~)
2.I also had a choral/speech competition on 31/10,I WIN ar!!Thanks for Support!!@-@ Also I got the first and got the LONGMAN Cup... computer to make a homepage 
4.running also are my hobbies.Run with me !!AR!!
P.S.I want to make some friends from Australia and New Zealand.  THANKS!!

Someone want to send me some VIRUS ar!! Help me ar!! You all are bad!!  No hard!! Wowo!!
我的家人對我當然好好....Contain of my mum,dad....... I have a lot of friends gar!!(Zennycheung"Aunt",Kennycheung"Uncle",Winniecheung"Mum", Isabel"in USA",Tom"RED",and so on ........I  also have lot of friends.........gar haha^0^

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