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D&T個會考Project終於都完成,足足用了兩個月的時間,當中都遇到很多困難。本會考題目是要設計一座現代而又節省能源的電車總站,真的十分有挑戰性。有興趣知道更多關於我校D&T科的資料,歡迎Click 入http://intranet.waying.edu.hk/dt/

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新增了5A Forum,本討論區特別為華英中學5A班(2003-2004)而設,同學們可以在討論區內交流意見或吹吹水。在此特別多謝Mr.Yung借出空間來建這個討論區waying.mryung.net

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當天在赤柱基地舉行了一場Fleet Race,當中更有香港隊一同參與,我有幸和他們一同比賽真是十分難得。當天還影了不少相片,有意觀賞可click入 相簿

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網頁再一次改板 ,加入更多題目,在各題目中將有更多的資訊和內容,所以有些內容連結在短期內會暫停。希望在完成後有更多和更豐富的內容。如有意見,可e-mail給我。

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新增了相簿,相簿內放了一些和主本網頁的主題有關的相片及其他相片,包括滑浪風帆、電結他、MINI-Z Racer等等。數量正在增加中

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網頁第一次大革新,有全新的面貌,更加入了Flash網頁技術,如果看不到Flash的,請下載 Macromedia Flash Player 6

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本網頁正式完成 ,而完成的日期是有意安排的,原因是這天對本人來說是很有意義的。本網頁是本人的第一個網頁,以後將會多加改善。Bernard Lee's Homepage


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THE RACING RULES OF SAILING 2001-2004 Published by the Hong Kong Yachting Association Part2 - When Boats Meet --------------------------------The rules of Parts 2 apply between boats thats are sailing in or near the racing area and intend to race, are racing, or have been racing.However, a boat not racing shall not be penalized for breaking one of these rules, except rule 22.1. The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea or government right-of-way rules apply between a boat sailing under these rules and a vessel that is not, and they replace these rules if the sailing instructions so state.

Electic Guitar
So you've had the "freshly exhumed-corpse" makeover and the pentagram tattoo, lit the black candles on your amp, and changed your name to Krogon Morthlok. But that shell-pink Telecaster doesn't look quite right now, does it? Thankfully, there was somebody disturbed enough at ESP to design the evil, goat-sacrificing F-200. ESP's LTD series is manufactured in Korea, mostly to produce more affordable versions of the company's U.S.-built guitars. However, the series also holds some unique designs of its own ehold the dark power of the F-200.---------------------------
-- -ESP/ltd F-200-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mini-Z Racer
The "MINIZ Racer" is not only small and does not only give you a large-scale feeling, but it is also an unprecedented new generation palm-sized racer.
--------Peugeot 206 WRC----- ----Mini-Z Racer--

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