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"This is my homepage, but I am always lazy to work on it haha :p" <--- I think I wrote it nearly a year ago haha
now I am trying to update and modify it, come and have a look when you have time, thx~
plz leave some msg and comments la haha :D

"short stories" is added on 9/5/2003


more entries!

new ---> short stories

new ---> (some photos of Trip in Macau are present) My Photo Gallery (updated on 13/7)

new new---> (another photo gallery :D) My Photo Gallery (updated on 11/8)

new new new---> (photo gallery with photos in MECH O'Camp 2003 yeah!! )
MECH O'Camp 2003 photos (updated on 19/8)

路人留言 (re-opens since 16/7/2003)


Friend's link: Billy :)---> 我們的秘密地下機地

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