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BIS 4222 Database Management Systems

(Course Code: ST06-803-04-02/02)


7pm- 10pm

What is it?
BIS4222 is a 20 credit, middle level course. The success of many organizations depends upon information stored in database management systems. Given the importance of such systems it is essential that managers with responsibility for IT understand the underlying DBMS principles examined in this course. This unit serves to provide a perspective on database management system structure and functions. Database design and likely developments in database technology are also considered.

Brief Syllabus

A perspective on database management system structure and function is provided. Topics introduced include:

  • architecture of databases

  • data models: network, hierarchical, relational , Object-oriented,relational databases, normalization, front-end systems

  • database environment: security , recovery and concurrency data and database administration,object-oriented database systems,client-server and distributed database systems and research topics in DBMS.

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  • Deadline for course work : 5 December 2002. Click here to download the coursework (Word document)