All About Bon


Name: Bon Leung
Birthday: January 31, 1984
Hometown: Hong Kong
Family: Mom, 2 sisters
Pets: A cat
Blood Type: O
Eyes Color: Black
Horoscope: Aquarius
Height:  5' 2"
Weight: 52 kg
Musical Instruments: Drums
Musical Style: R&B, Rap, Pop
Personality: Independent
Lifestyle: Nightlife
Hobbies: Photography, Traveling, Music
Spoken Language: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Thai (Learning)
Religion: Buddhism

Nicole Kidman, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Band: Backstreet-Boys, Savage Garden, The Corrs
Brand: Gatsby, Nike
Thailand (Pattaya)
Black, White, Red
Drinks: Pepsi, Coca-cola, Black-Label + Coke
Disco: Star Dice Disco @ Pattaya
Food: Mom's home cooking
Movie: Moulin Rouge, Twenty Something Taipei, Iron Lady
Singer: Jay Chou, David Tao, Gillian Chung

Bon's Qualification...
Primary School: PLK Siu Hon Sum Primary School
High School: LST Young Kok Hsiao Lin Secondary School
Collage: Hong Kong Travel & Tourism Training Center (HKTT)


Bon's Past Working Places...
My first summer job was working in a Laundry Shop, but I don't like my boss so 
I quit the job, ha ha!

My second job was working in a cinema. I do really having a good time in there,
coz I made a lot of new friends over there. And if we don't have to work, all of
us (Staffs) can watch the movie as we want, great! Of coz that we don't have to
pay for the tickets baby, aha! And we can have pop corn & drinks in FREE =)

There was a programme held by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) called 
Tourism Orientation Programme. Did you ever heard about that? I was lucky
that I'm one of the tourism hosts of this programme. But....oh no, firstly I think
I'm lucky, but after I was in the programme, I think it doesn't suitable for me,
you know, I learn nothing when I was in it. Everyday just standing at the hotel
lobby 8 hours, such as a security. Sometimes the clients of the hotel asking me
"What is your duty?" I don't know how to answer also, shit! So I quit again!!

November02...until now
Oh yea baby, if you know me, you should know that I am now working at a 
Sun Energy Tours (Same as Kwan Kin Tours) and being an Escort. I do really
enjoy working in this company, coz I can travel to different places all the time.
I learn lots of things after I join in this company & colleague were good to me.
As you know ~ no pain no gain. Pain is... I don't have much private time to do
what I wanna do, no time for family, friends... But I do gain a lot from this, 
such as $money$ he he! One of the point...and of coz I gain lots of experiences 
that I can never learn from the school.
If not I'm being an escort, I have no chance to know more friends around the 
world...The most impress recently was... I met a new friend in Thailand. And
she/he is a shemale (you know what I mean??). She called Bom, the first shemale
friend of mine, great!!

The country that I have been to:
Beijing, Hai Nam, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Phuket, ShangHai, Shan Dong, Singapore, Tai Wan, Thailand, Yuen Lan,

到過的地方: 2002年11月21日~廣州兩天 (20)

2002年11月29日~中山,珠海兩天 (18)


2002年12月7日~北京豪華五天 (16)

2002年12月22日~華東五天(上海,無錫,蘇州,杭州) (18)

2002年12月29日~清遠,蓮州三天 (28)

2003年1月8日~中山,珠海兩天 (18)

2003年1月24日~清遠,蓮州三天 (13)

2003年1月31日~上海四天 (28)

2003年2月5日~菲律賓馬尼拉四天 (39)

2003年2月13日~情人節明星--台灣台北四天 (13)

2003年3月3日~中山,珠海兩天 (25)

2003年3月14日~泰國曼谷,芭提雅五天 (20)

2003年3月23日~台灣環島遊(台北-台中-高雄)五天 (10)

2003年4月2日~潮州,汕頭三天 (29)

2003年5月30日~韓國牙山溫泉五天 (20)

2003年6月16日~中山兩天 (38)

2003年6月23日~韓國牙山溫泉五天 (24)

2003年7月1日~泰國布吉島五天 (24)

2003年7月10日~雲南昆明四天 (20)

2003年7月20日~星馬五天 (24)

2003年7月29日~泰國曼谷,芭提雅五天 (20)

2003年8月7日~番禺,中山,珠海三天 (43)

2003年8月13日~海南島四天 (17)

2003年8月18日~山東五天 (23)

2003年8月26日~泰國曼谷,芭提雅五天 (25)

2003年9月12日~北京豪華五天 (20)

2003年9月21日~台北三/四天 (24)

2003年9月29日~桂林巴士航空四天 (27)

2003年10月11日~四川,成都,九寨溝航空六天 (24)

2003年10月23日~海南島四天 (19)

2003年10月31日~宿霧四/五天 (13)

2003年11月9日~北京豪華五天 (23)

2003年11月18日~桂林五天單直航 (16)

2003年12月3日~廣州鳳凰城碧桂園3天(美國友邦保險包團) (18)

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出團相片2(Tour Pix 2)                By Bus/Ship, By Air