Links with Me

Hey everybody, here are some favorite web-sites that I'm gonna introduce to you.
Some are my friends personal web-site, and some are my favorite site. So if you
take times, that you can just visit & enjoy it baby!

The Tiffany's Show
What's all about? It is a web-site about a shemale show in Thailand ~
All the beautiful women that you see in this site are all ~ Men! But they are 
already much more beautiful than a real women. I love them baby!! Ha ha,
and one of my friend called Bom is also work in this Tiffany's Show. This is one
of the BEST show in the world, so how can you just miss this site, huh?!

The King of Rap ~ Jay Chou
Jay Chou, a talent young guy from Tai Wan. Who's making the Rap Music.
He is my favorite singer, he's just so GREAT I can say. No one else can compare
with him. And I do collect all of his albums... He is not handsome at all, but
he did a great job. The King of Rap!

Sun Energy Tours
This is the web-site of the company that what I'm now working!! Ha ha, so
if you want to travel to anything places, just check this out, and see is there
any tours for you!!

The following sites are my friends personal web-site. So if you take time, why
don't you go & visit it? They all doing the great job!! Enjoy it!

Ada Chan

Banana Lee

Karen Chan