Loving on You

If you know me, you should know that I am 100% lesbian. I never fall in love with a guy, and I don't want to also. People said "If you never try to fall in love with a guy, how do you know that you don't like guy?". Then, my answer could be "If you never try to fall in love with a girl, how do you know that you don't like girl, huh?!". Is that right?

Why a girl falling in love with a guy is normal, but girl fall in love with girl OR guy fall in love with guy is strange? So is that mean all the lesbian & gay in the world is a freak? Not fair...but it's just only a little part of people thinking. Lucky that no friends of mine think like this.


First love...
I never study in a girl school, so I have no chance to make friends with other lesbian in my school life. When I was sixteen, my cousin who is elder than me 6 years. She went to a lesbian bar called Virus in Hong Kong at Causeway Bay. And... this is my very first time go to a lesbian bar... and see how's the life of them. I had a good time in there, and because of that, I knew a lesbian who is called Lit. She is a mixed of Chinese & Thai, so that she had a good looking... You know, puppy love always ends bad!

Year 2001, I did fall in love with one of my classmate, and a girl who met in the ICQ in the same year. But of coz not fall in love at the same time! I am not that kind of people...
and of coz... separate.

And now...?
Hmm... I don't really know. I am a kind of people which is easy to have feeling on someone. The feeling comes faster and goes faster. I don't even know why, please don't asking.

I don't fall in love for a long time, almost 2 years. As long as I work in this travel industry, I can see that the relationship between people is so... dark... what I mean is the sex relationship. Shit, I don't know how to say... something like, colleagues having sex with colleagues, escorts having sex with clients...(我意思係呢行o既性關係太複雜,同事同同事之間有一手; 領隊同客人又可以有一手; 男領隊...10個有9個叫雞
And me? Yes... one time... there was a time a sleep with my guide. Feels like one night stand... never try this before, but good feeling... >.< Of coz there is no result between she & me.

Recently, I had a trip to Thailand. There was one night I got nothing to do in Pattaya, so I went to see a shemale show at Tiffany's Show. (One of the Top 10 show in the world). You know what is mean by shemale? In Thailand, many guys like to dress like a women, and they will change their transsexual. And I think they are much more beautiful than a real women, ha ha! After the show, I date a shemale called Bom to go disco with me... I did hold 'her' hands... hugging her... and... kiss 'her'...oh no! The very first time I kiss a men. After that, 'she' took me back to the hotel where a live, but it's almost 4AM, and the morning call of next day is 6:30AM, so I told her better go back home... (Nothing happen!! Don't think too much my friends!!) But we do keep contact through Email, next time when I get back to Thailand, I must find her again! Ha ha!