Chapter 4 Marketing Research and Information Systems Tutorial


(a) Describe any three types of secondary research that is appropriate for the shop.

1. Transaction Records: Employees notes the quantities and types of each transaction, employers can use these information to determine or planning their market strategic planning.

2. Information by Association: Employers can enquires the suitable or useful information and data for planning their strategic planning. These information which provides the trading quantity; types and quality level by the association's  year or period report.

3. Internet information: Marketing Manager can search internet to achieve the popularity for coming years, the favorable style of goods for their market strategic planning.

(b) Some one said that focus group interviewing might be useful to collect market information for the dental products market.
(I) Briefly explain what focus group interviewing is.

Focus group interviewing is grouping some difference people, discuss the service or product's characteristics, how to attract them to buy these products, which disadvantages to affect their intention. These interviewing is invites ten people and the meeting about gather a hour, and the marketing manager is use these information and suggestion to analysis, improve and planning the market plan.

(II) Do you think that is a useful method for collecting the market information for the dental product shop? Why?

Sure, because the dental product's focus customer is broadest, the customers include children, adult. We can research the buying power by parents,  the favorable taste of children & adult. The favorable style of packaging for children, the professional specification by experts. So I think the focus group interviewing method is useful for information collection. Generally, the company must invite too broadest types of interviewers, because these can ensure the information and suggestion are sufficiently and more useful.

(c) Below is part of the questionnaire set for some of the opinion leaders in the Hong Kong market.

1. What is your income to the nearest hundred dollars?

2. Are you a strong or weak supporter of environment friendly products?

3. How many times did you brush your teeth last year?

4. Do you concern with the existence of carcinogenic substances in the toothbrushes?

5. As a good parent, do you think we should protect our children from teeth decay and other illness?


(I) What are opinion leaders?

Opinion leader is a people in the interviewing group, his role is like a protagonist. His job is leading the interviewing, start the meeting, guiding the interviewer's idea, ensure the interviewer is not affect others interviewer's meaning. So the opinion leader must have a strong leadership skills, knowledge in the service or products which under discussion.

(II) Identify and explain any three problems with the above questionnaire.

2. In the questionnaire, environmental friendly is not have the level for "strong" and "weak", so the interviewer is not easy to identify the level for himself.

3. The question is not useful, because each interviewer is not remember the times for brush his teeth. Other hands, we can assume a people he will brush his teeth one time or two times per days. So I suggest the question change to ask people the frequency per day, that we can forecast the time for people brush their teeth per year.

5. About the question, I think no body willing to recognize they are not a good parents, because the question assume the interviewer is assume all the interviewer is a good parents. So I think the question is not suitable for questionnaire.