this is bubbledream, the home where samantha is stationed in this virtual world 


~~ you're my no.    guest here ~~



alright, finally, i am getting my homepage started!!!  this is my bubbledream world, hopefully i can make it cozy and nice.  here, i hope i can use my own words to let my friends know more about the real me, as well as some important stages of my life. 

i have decided to use english for most of this site, 'cos it's more convenient for me, and so, for those who need chinese translation, well, get a dictionary yourself~~~  hahaha

as this is the very first time i am actually working on such IT stuff, please forgive me if my progress may be slow and clumsy.  be patient, my friend, i promise u, i will make it cozy and nice!!!

and please forgive me if the homepage isn't what u have expected.  'cos i don't think u're gonna see too much fancy stuff here, it's gonna be me, just me.  it's gonna be the place where u can learn about me, where u can read through me (hopefully~~)



07 july 03

finally bought the frontpage software and a book  to start making my own homepage!

09 july 03

started the very first page~~~

12 july 03

uploaded the stuff to my homepage!!!  welcome~~~

13 aug 03

uploaded some photos to the site, check them out!!!  my pictures

15 sept 03

hahaha just updated my pictures, hoping that the server wouldn't be down so easily... hehe

04 dec 03 can't believe that i have so lazy and haven't been doing anything on my own homepage... anyway, got one thing uploaded, take a look!!!! my stuff
24 dec 03 merry x'mas to u all~~~ just took a short trip to korea and here are some scenic photos taken back there.  take a look by clicking  *here* !!!!

03 jan 04

happy new year~~~  just uploaded something to my stuff, something i have been writing in years!!!!

04 jan 04 these two days been really committed to fixing my homepage!!! i bet u have seen some changes around, and there's a new section, jokes that i have been receiving for the past few years my jokes

15 feb 04

got a real kat at home!!!!! it's a scottish shorthair ~~~ sweetie