Debut maxi single Forever Memories

2001.3.14 on sale

2nd maxi single Feel The Fate

2001.7.4 on sale

3rd maxi single Paradox

2001.10.17 on sale

1st Album ~w-inds. 1st message~

2001.12.19 on sale




4th maxi single try your emotion

2002.2.20 on sale

5th maxi single Another Days

2002.5.22 on sale

6th maxi single Because of you

2002.8.21 on sale

7th maxi single NEW PARADISE

2002.11.13 on sale

2nd Album ~w-inds. THE SYSTEM OF ALIVE~

2002.12.18 on sale

1st DVD PRIVATE of w-inds.

2002.2.6 on sale

2nd DVD WORKS vol.1

2002.3.20 on sale

3rd DVD w-inds. 1st Live Tour "1st message"

2002.10.17 on sale




8th maxi single SUPER LOVER~I need you tonight~

2003.5.21 on sale

9th maxi single Love is message

2003.8.20 on sale

10th maxi single Long Road

2003.10.29 on sale

3rd Album ~w-inds.PRIME OF LIFE~

2003.12.17 on sale

4th DVD WORKS vol.2

2003.4.23 on sale

5th DVD ~w-inds.THE SYSTEM OF ALIVE~Tour2003

2003.11.6 on sale





11th maxi single Pieces

2004.3.10 on sale

12th maxi single キレイだ

2004.6.2 on sale

13th maxi single 四季

2004.10.6 on sale

BEST Album ~w-inds. bestracks~

2004.7.14 on sale

6th DVD WORKS vol.3

2004.4.21 on sale

7th DVD ~w-inds.PRIME OF LIFE~Tour2004

2004.12.15 on sale





14th maxi single 夢の場所

2005.1.1 on sale

15th maxi single 変わりゆく空

2005.3.16 on sale

8th DVD w-inds.TV

2005.2.16 on sale