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CAD, Plastic Mould design, Consumer product design etc.

Our mission : 3D CAD SERVICE was founded in 1996. We work with advance programs and machine such as Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, Unigraphics, CNC machine, SLA machine to produce high quality prototype and working sample to meet the need of the market and clients.

我們的服務範圍包括:根據客人的設計概念或圖紙,利用先進之軟件及機械,如 Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, Unigraphics, 電腦數控加工中心,SLA 快速成形機為客人製作精確及高質素的樣辦,模擬樣辦,石膏彫刻及覆製品。產品範圍有無線電話,家庭電器,通訊設備,玩具產品,電子遊戲機等。