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Hello, my name is Cadman Fung. I'm a HKU student with a part-time job, piano teacher. I passed the G.8 ABRSM piano Exam in 1999 and finished the G.8 Theory. I'll sit in the ABRSM Diploma--performing exam.this year, but it is postphoned from april to December as the SARS (atypical penumonia) and so I have much more time to prepare. I have worked as a part-time piano teacher since 1999 and now I have more than 20 students. Lucky, some of my students are English-speaking, they are Korean, Thail, Amercian... so I can improve my English Oral and in fact, I love all my lovely students. In the last summer holiday, I took a digital piano course in Tom Lee. I took this course because I wanted to know more about the numbered-song. I saw a lady play a completed version of a song with a piece of 'number-song' and I'm so surprised that she could play that by seeing such kind of paper. Anyway, I know the method now ^.^
I like playing piano, shopping, watching movies, listening music, esp. Tango, Classic, Barquao, Romance, Samba.
I love my parents and I hope to play them a nice music in the living
I love all my best friends, even they are super-busy every day.