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Hello, my name is Cadman Fung . I'm working in a dental clinic with multi-position such as clinic manager, secretary, personal assistant and receptionist. My job title will be clarified by my boss when I made mistake in that workfield >.< haha...

After finishing associate degree, Art-English, at HKU SPACE in 2003, I had no ideas on looking for jobs... what kind of job should I apply? clerk, a full-time paino teacher, or working for my husband? To solve that problem, I chose to pray for my answer and now I have worked for my boss.

My hobbies: playing the piano (it seems that all HK girls have this hobby);
the one who likes watching movies is my husband, but it becomes my hobby because of him and I have saved the movie tickets, so I know we watched more than 100 movies within 4 years.
On 16/6/2003 (Sun), Leon gave me a persian kitten and we call it as 'Davy'. It cames from Australia with 4 months old. We love Davy so much. It jumps to our bed and sleeps with us every mid-night...
I love all my friends even they are very busy.
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