When the hamsters reached the age of 2 to 3 months, we should be aware of the female hamster. If there is any significance of pregnancy, we should separate the male and the female. So that the female hamster can have comfortable surroundings and relaxed mental condition to prepare in giving birth to the baby hamster.

When the hamster is pregnant, she will easily become ill natured. So, it・s suitable for her to stay away from the male hamster. Just let her to clam down and prepare for giving birth to a now life. However, it is reminded that we should provide sufficient food and wood crisps before head. It is because if there is insufficient supply of food after the birth of the baby hamster, the mother may likely to eat her children. Due to the unstable mental condition of the mother hamster, it is not advisable to add more food supply after the giving of birth.

During the pregnancy of hamster, we should use a plastic cage instead of an iron ones. Or else, the baby will easily be falling down through the gasp. A hamster can give birth to 3 to 8 hamsters each time. The pregnancy period is about 16 days. Due to the bad-tempered, she may even bite. Therefore, during these 16 days, avoid interrupting the hamster and it should be separated from the male hamster.
The baby hamster was born with no hair, and its eyes are not opened yet. They are born in pink. Though it looks funny and cute, we should not use our hands to touch it. Or else out of nervousness, the mother may swallow. After 14 days, the babies・ eyes will open, and after 21 days, it will stop drinking milk from their mother. Wait until their eyes are opened and hair are grown, then it・s the suitable time for us to change the wood crisps.

After the mother had given birth to the babies, please be aware that we should not touch them, Or else, the mother may really eat them all! On the other hand, the baby hamster may run here and there. It・s very normal. We do not need to worry; the mother hamster will control the situation. If it appears that the mother really wanted to throw one of her children out of the cage, it may signifies that it carries illness. The mother will always have her rational behind in doing such things.

When the hamster grew up day by day, we must separate different gender in different cages to bring up. Or they will be pregnant too soon, their babies will very likely to be died. It is also important that they should not incest. It is because the babies born will likely to have serious problems in different circumstances.

The mother and father hamster will continuously have their babies born. So, if you don・t want to see the mother hamster suffer that lot, we should not buy a female and a male hamster to raise at the very beginning.
I have received the latest news. It said that there・s a phenomenon in reclaiming hamster that have stop feeding with milk, at a price of $3 each. However, It can only exchange goods, but neither money nor pets.