It's been a charming time with all my dear mates at school.!!
We the whole class enjoyed the game very much..! Ms Cheung our class teacher asked us to partner up, and to write our wish on a pink-colored paper. We then rolled it around a plastic film bottle, after some decor, we added some grounded tablet powder into the bottle. At the canossa square, we two by two tried to pop up the paper rocket. It was raining actually, and the raindrops had damped our paper rocket!! But it didnt extinguish our excitement a bit. Before adding some water to the bottle, (to make it work)everyone of us first shouted our wishes and blessings to our mates, it was really fantastic! With a "POP", pink paper rockets (abt 7inches) blown up right up in the air!!! They were not just carrying our blessings, wishes, our lights for our unknown future, but it also marked the friendship among all of us!!!!

**fotos to be updated later


Just got back from Taikoo and had a "screaming" time with my friend wendy. Though the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasnˇ¦t really as much scary scenes as expected, like, hanging up an alive victim on a meat hook and dividing his body with a chainsaw. SPLASH!!!~blood everywhere! Kind of sensational torture, help, I hate the victimsˇ¦ yellings!

Hmm, it looks like to me a cheaply-made movie, if you ask me. Most of the time it just keeps showing the crazy guy's "murder equipments" and dim room, and then overuse stereotype drills --- suddenly flash a shadow and disappear, running and yelling in the wood...Yet I hide my face in hands whenever it comes to terrible killings!!

Coz there was just a few people, I thought our screamings turned out to be easily heard. And, I got my id card checked!! Only me not Wendy haha!! Aint I look mature enough?