My parents ~~~*part 1

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Introduction :

This is my first website.

My name is Queenie Shum, I am a F.3 student and i am going to introduce my parents.

My mother is a housewife who like wathching boxing race with my father in order to support my brother who is a boxer. She is a funny, kind mother and take care well of our family.She like sleeping and shopping and sometimes she will find a partime to earn money, but she still can be successful housewife.I am so proud of her and I love her very much.

My father is a public servant who work in Chai Wan.He worked very hard in orther to provide us a betther live environment. He's hobbies are wathching the horse racing and joining the luckydraw. On Sunday he like going to park had a walk with my mum. He is a dignified father, my brother and I was very afraid of him. But sometimes he is a funny guy and like telling jokes.