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Caribbean Coast
Welcome to Caribbean Coast Unofficial Homepage.
We are some of the owners of Caribbean Coast.
We are glad to share our happiness with you.
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Outlook of Caribbean Coast
19 photos provided by OL (31 Oct 01 & 06 Jan 02)
41 photos provided by Tempo (01 Nov 01)
15 photos + 4 news provided by LW (13 Nov 01 & 06 Jan 02)
14 photos provided by KID A (14 Nov 01)
Photo of Tung Chung (Previous - Source: Unknown)
6 photos provided by KC (01 Jan 02)
76 photos provided by AC (updated 20 Apr 02)
68 photos provided by Matthew (updated 12 May 02)
14 photos provided by Taitau (updated 22 Apr 02)
22 photos provided by Ann Ann (31 Mar 02)
7 photos & 3 diagrams provided by HL (updated 18 Apr 02)
2 photos provided by BB (18 Apr 2002)
CC Floor plans (updated 04 May 02)
2 photos provided by Never Wong (07 Apr 02)
24 photos provided by 九月中的陌生人 (21 Apr 02)
11 photos provided by CriCri (30 Apr 02)
8 pictures provided by JJ (updated 20 May 02)
Photo from KC taken from HK Airport (05 May 02)
3 pictures of 東涌未來規劃一覽 provided by iHON Lee (20 May 02)
5 photos provided from Carmen (25 May 02)
Click below with some news of Caribbean Coast!!
The outlook and news of Logistics Park in Tung Chung
News about Caribbean Coast (Updated 26 Apr 2002)
Download CC 成交一覽 in Excel format (Never, updated 31 May 02)
優悠八采的 design catalog from Hello & Never Wong (30 Nov 2001)
CC Key Holder (provided by Never Wong)
How to go to CC from MTR (provided by Never & amended by Bill)
Outlook of Tung Chung (obtained from Appledaily, Jan 2002)
Future Development of MTR (Provided by 盲流) (放大版!01 May 02)
映灣之友 Caribbean Coast Friends Club(CCFC)
東涌尋古(provided by Ann Ann, 01 May 02)
Latest price list 24 Apr 02 from Taitau (11 May 02)
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Caribbean Coast (Official)
Reliance Packing and Moving

Forum of GoHome.com.hk
The newest price list of Caribbean Coast from official website (01 Mar 02)
Another Unofficial homepage of Caribbean Coast by Jimz (01 Mar 02)
成交一覽 from 美聯物業
Link to Centamap.com with recent photo of Tung Chung (16 Mar 02)
東堤灣畔 Tung Chung Crescent
城市規劃委員會e-法定圖則 (www.ozp.tpb.gov.hk)
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Last updated: 07 Jun 2002
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Caribbean Coast Transaction Record in Excel Format!
CC Transaction Record in MS Excel Format
Welcome to Caribbean Coast 映灣園 Unofficial Homepage!! 最新建築層數(dated: 05 June 02): 1座58樓,2,3 & 5座60樓,相信很快就可平頂了; Updated 映灣之友 (06 June 02) , 新加 東涌未來規劃一覽 (20 May 02) , Some more new links at below!! Thanks for visit!!
Index of air pollution!
映灣園Chat Room
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