Welcome to my homepage!

              Hi,my name is Carlos Chan.I am twelve years old.I live in Tuen Mun.Tuen Mun is in Hong Kong.I study in Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School.I am in 1C.

              I have many interests.I like to play basketball.Every Sunday,I usually play basketball with my friends.I aslo like playing computer games.

              My favourite subject is English.English is important in the world.If I learn English well,I will not to be afraid to travel all over the world.

              I have lots of friends at school.They are Victor,Eric,Ken,Tommy,Peter,Tom,etc.Every afternoon,we have lunch in the school canteen.We uaually play chess.I am good at playing chess.I like to play with them very much They are aslo very good.