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These cases are about the rights and duties of a consumer, now guess guess what right and duty it belongs to. At last, you check the answers and see how many case do you right.

Rights of a consumer:

1) Car producers produce unsafe cars for the consumers, as they only focus on style and    

    speed of cars.

2) A consumer goes to a shop to buy a mini-discman. After paying the MD, the consumer

    is informed that she has to buy a $100 adaptor for charging the MD. The consumer

    complains that the seller should have told her before she buy the product.

3) A consumer goes to a shop to buy sports shoes. After trying on different sports shoes,

   she finds that all of them are not suitable for her. The salesgirl is very rude to her. After

   that, she decides to go to another shop.

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1) Right to safety             2) Right to be informed         3) Right to choose

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Duties of a consumer:

1) A consumer shop around for 12 hours to buy a TV set. She asks the salesgirls about the

   functions and uses of each of the TV set carefully.

2) A consumer complains to Consumer Council after purchasing some keep fit product.

   The product is much less effective than mentioned in the advertisement.

3) A son urges his father to use non-gasoline for their car. He claimed that it is

    environment friendly.

4) A consumer should support and actively participate in activities promoting consumer

    rights. For example, many students actively participate in the competition held by the

    Consumer Council. Consumers should also voice out our opinions to the government.

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1) Duty to know the products      2) Duty to report       3) Duty to support "Green Consumption"

4) Duty to promote rights

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