Gallery 2004 (click the photos for enlargement)

The greatest class full of love have u played it before? JC Colleagues Ha... The bluest sky
Oh..oh...overcooked? big mouth Esther Look for good fortune My best friend's wedding My sec. classmates Miss u Aids!
Figloria and I Nice friends Shukei and interview DC Lesson Model - Katie DC Lesson Model - Flower Same
Matina's birthday tea Ah Ling Ah Ling and Horace Grad din cheers! gals Macau, can u see me
I am a pot wow!Pork Chop! yummy! Big Cat & Catcat little pigs lost pig
Lemme try hey ho~ funny stone Wow~comfortable Big Smile plz~ Smelly~
Uniform Fantasy CX classmates thumb up! Cathay Pacific is no1 Lovely Garfield Fried Onion
end of training K with my cousins Shatin Racecourse Ha!灌湯小墨魚 Osaka toliet bowl slimmer face, right?
oh, my lovessss Jojo and I My HDBC's sisters Auckland Harbour sheep with me
Uni of Auckland Frankfurt 德國咸豬手 Church Famous Hotdog Market
Beautiful Rhine Pizza Pepe Wow~~~ Yummy Crab Stars of Oct "Pork Chop"'s birthday cake (Stars f Dec) Nagoya
Mrs Duck Mr Duck My friends My Classmates Wow~~ Cheers Shanghai trip's board
so crowd!! Carol and Jojo how many Converse here? Lurrr~~~ Dolls are drinking milk Christmas Duck
Ling Ling Big Uni in Canada My Messy Desk

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