My Church Life

"When anyone is joined the Christ, he is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come" II Corinthians 5:17

                              Since this bible say, I have more confidence to trust my God!!

Before I'm Christian.....

Before I becomes the Christian, I was a pessimistic person. Because I towards lots of stress,

they including my family, love, job and finance....I didn't know how to arrange for this,

especially my family & personal finance trouble, also no one can be help or give encouragement

for all to me, so I was very sad, always feel bad for my mood. Since my mood always bad, I always

had quarrel with my family, my parents are old already, I know they also have stress in family

things, but I thought they seems don't understand what did I feel, they just blamed me a lot, a

lot & a lot, very tortuous, our relationship was cool, no more communications.....


                My Church friends -- Michael Lo and his Wife Mrs. Lo " Michael 稟"......

At that time, I was very down for my mood, no more energy to do my work, also I was unlucky

to do work with a bad boss before ( Besides Yiu Wing Kindergarten is a good one), so I thought

I'm a useless person. I thought I didn't a good friends I can talk to them, I hope I can find a

good boyfriend to give encouragement with me, unfortunately, I didn't find a good one, I also

very very hurt in love. Since I hurt in love, I was very bad, I always wreaked with my family,

made my parents very sad more. Also I towards very serious finance stress, I was really want

to died.............


                                                                            The Clergyman in my Church -- Mr. Chung and his wife

And, my relatives  are not nice with me, our relationship is very cool from my childhood, when

the relatives had some function I went there, they're very cool with me, sometimes made me

feel so bad, I don't know why they don't like me, especially my brother and sister, they also

hope I'm not good in my life, they don't help me, encourage me and give me suggestion, I

remember when I was childhood, I was very kind with them, but they don't like me, and always

shout with me purposely, so I was mind and feel so sad for this things, because I didn't hurt or

do bad things to them, I'm honest!! I blamed to God for this, "why I need towards that bad

relatives?? Why I need towards all trouble things?? Why I cannot find a good guy? Why the

guys like to cheat me?? Why I'm not a rich person? If I'm rich, they won't be tease me..........  


                                                        With William, Waska, Ivan Cheung and his wife (Fanny) and his son,                

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