My Dream City--
      Washington DC, USA


In July, 2001, I went to Washington DC & Virginia in USA for my summer vacation. This is my favorite trip and this trip make me remember forever because that was my first time to go to USA, and there's a very nice city, make me quiet and relax more....There's a "Elysium", if I can, I will go there again......but.....when I have $$ lo~~~~~~~ 

Let us to see my photos I was taken in USA!



      The White House, Washington DC                  The Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC


                              Washington, DC                                  The Washington Monument


With Charlie's..........CAR, heeee......(VA, USA)                              Alexandria City Hall, VA


                                                                      In Alexandria, VA


                                                                 The Capitol, Washington DC


       "Wow, I came to USA lo, YEAH!!"                      In Capitol, Monument on the back!


                                 Washington, DC                                       (Left Building) The FBI Building, Washington DC

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