Hey!My Friends.......



                      With Korean Friend -- June Choi


With my singing teacher & friend -- Stacy Olson, she's Chinese but she doesn't speck Chinese lo~~~ Ha! Ha!

                (From Left) Mandy, Julian   a, Elaine and French Fries         


     Look ! Same person, stand with the same side, but took the different year..........


                        Julian, Aggie (Ga Ga) and me in 1999                         Julian, Aggie (Ga Ga) and me in 2001


                                                           Me and Ga Ga


                               With PakLing in 1999

                             With Michelle       




    The Fat one person with glasses is my friend (Wear black clothes) -- Freeman Kwok, 1996



            June, me and Lisa ,they come from Korea                                      With Skyrink staff and June


                                                                  With Kaiyau,, he study in Canada now.....


                                            All my friends in Skyrink



                                                                    Me, Stacy and Waska

I will upload more photos about my friends if I have more or new......