Vocabulary - TEST 1

Please fill in the textboxes with one of the following colors; each color may be used more than one time, or may not be used at all.
black   blue   gray   green   purple   red   violet   white   yellow

1. He is the youngest child, and he is always the sheep of the family.
2. His father gave him a car as present, but it turned out to be a elephant.
3. The plan has been postponed for several months because of the tape.
4. When travelling, I prefer to bring back instead of the local currency.
5. I can't afford too much risk in the stock market, so I buy only chips.
6. The recent rumours made him the hit on the section of the newspapers.
7. The dispute is caused by the area of the law.
8. Although the rumours about him are false, he still feels .
9. Although emails are convenient, he still prefers letters in and .
10. A horn sometimes is more innovative than the experienced.