"Well, actually, I am studying oil painting at the art centre later. 

 I still have about 30 minutes to stay here.

What about you, then. Are you in a rush for your class?"

"No need to worry about me, I also have plenty of time. Tell me,

Marjorie," he added, "Have you always wanted to be a lawyer?" 

"No... not always," she admitted. "I once dreamed of being an artist,"

she told him honestly.

"An artist?" His gazed towards the sketchbook

she'd dropped on the chair beside her.

"What kind of artist?"   He asked curiously.  

"Landscapes? ... Modern art? ... Still life? ... Abstract art?... or...?"

"Portraits." Marjorie interrupted him.

she felt worried about her sketchbook and hope that

 he wouldn't take it and peek inside. But he would never do that.

Not without her permission... Would he?

"Marjorie, what made you switch... from art to law?

Family pressure? Peer pressure? Parental expectations?

You have lawyers in your family?"

He seemed to question her as a professional lawyer.

"No one pressured me... I wanted to be a lawyer!"

She couldn't meet Nick's eyes as she had to fasten

on her sketchbook.

"But you still find time to do some sketching..."

 He was eyeing her sketchbook again, she noted,

with a rush of heat to her cheeks.

"May I take a look?" He picked it up again.

"No!"   She cried, "Please... Nick, no..."

He laughed. "I won't criticize, don't worry, I promise.

You know, I can't draw anything and not even a straight line

myself."   He flipped it opened before she could stop him.

 "Oh,  it's me?... hmm... sure... "  He delighted with his lips

stretched wider. "wow... it seems..."

She wished she could sink into the floor. 

He continued, "They're very detailed sketches; they're very good,

Marjorie... very good. You have talent."

"You said you know nothing about art." She reminded him.

"Nope, I said I couldn't draw a straight line, but I do appreciate art."





P. 6

To be continued