Welcome to chan2's Sims Page

Below are some objects that I made for The Sims (a PC game)

* Unzip the .iff files [objects] into The Sims/ Downloads folder using a zip program

chan2easel.zip chan2looneytunes.zip





chan2tarepanda.zip chan2hongloumeng.zip

To installl walls and floors, download and unzip [1] the .flr into The Sims/Gamedata/Floors folder
[2] the .wll into The Sims/Gamedata/Walls folder


   You can see my house & albums here.

   (If you're a registered user of the Sims, you can also download my house)

Thanks for visiting my page! Have a nice Sims day ^_^!

(I don't play the Sims that often now & I won't update this site very often. Hope you understand!)