My classmate:

Chan Kam Chum

Tracy (1) ***chicken

   She can fly with her wing , she can shout in the morning   she is a chicken>>呵呵...


Liu Tin Ki
Alison (30) **elephant

   "son" is her other name. A people who is good at singing!!!  haha....

good at 走音~~kaka>3<"

Hung Wing Tung
Cathy(16)  ****dinosaur

A very rich dinosaur. Her sound can be found in a 朱羅記公園.

 Use her fire to kill you..kaka

Chung Tsz Wai
Cordelia (13)  ***cat

 Short&small is her logo.  Is the one in the seven小矮人, but not the白雪公主.hoho...

Chan Kin Yi
Raye (3)  *****corvine

A bad guy in 2D. "haha.."Her smile can make anyone afraid .Terrible]]]


Lau Wan Ting

Tasha(23)   *****owl

 Two chinese bun...good taste!!kaka... she is a person who always help me to cook!!