Dear friends:

Welcome to my homepage. Well into our sixth year of living under Chinese rule, Hong Kong people are still at the forefront of the struggle for the rule of law, democracy and freedom.

This web site is a way for our friends in Hong Kong and all over the world to get updates about the current situation in Hong Kong and for members of our Party to stay in touch with the people. The Democratic Party was the first Hong Kong political party to launch a Chinese-language web site - at I hope you will become a frequent visitor to this page which provides information on Hong Kong's development as part of China and the efforts of pro-democracy forces to expand democracy and preserve Hong Kong's freedoms and way of life under Chinese rule.

In each election after being ousted from the Legislative Council on July 1, 1997, my colleagues and I in the Democratic Party were returned to the legislature in resounding victories for democracy. In the May 1998 and September 2000 elections, pro-democracy candidates won strong majorities of the popular vote.  While an unfair electoral system allows us just one third of the Legislative Council seats, we are committed to using our mandate to prevent further erosion in the rule of law, democracy and freedom for the people of Hong Kong.  However, with so many important issues on the horizon -- universal suffrage, persecution of religious groups, the environment and the reinterpretation of the Basic Law -- we still need your support more than ever. For ways you can help, please email my office at We'd like to get in touch.

I look forward to using this web site to be in contact with constituents in Hong Kong and supporters of freedom in Asia and around the world.

Many thanks again for your interest and support.


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Last updated: August 10, 2003

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