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The trend and demand of Coffee

In recent decades, a tradition of beginning a day with a sip of coffee has become a custom of many people in the world.  Besides water, coffee is the second highest prevalent beverage in the world. Two third of the population in the world drinks coffee, consuming two hundred and fifty million cups of coffee everyday in estimation.

Actually, coffee ranks second, just below petrol, in terms of turnover rate of daily economic goods.

Coffee has been being cultivated in more than 70 countries, while approximately 60 of them do export coffee.        (more details)



The COYO ( Coffee On Your Own ) ran from 1998, which was established by 6 partners who are all fond of coffees, although its location is US, we’ve served the crown who are keen on coffee as well from around the world.         (more details) 


The World of COYO Coffee

We are a group all passionate about coffee, so we wish to bring the wonderful knowledge and arts of coffee to each the corner for you over the world. We work hard seek out the greatest coffee beans on the world, then roast them carefully as well as giving them the best treatment to reach the perfection, just for each one of you can experience the pretty single-origin coffees and blends. This has been the aim and mission always on our minds since our business to be established.        (more details) 1