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Andrea in the Xiclo

Nha Trang Street

Nha Trang Poor Area

Andrea Taking Pics

Too Windy for Andrea

Andrea in the Speedboat

Kids in Nha Trang

Shadow of the Gecko

Gecko Finding Food

Behind the Speedboat...

Carol in the Speedboat

Carol Eating Fruits


Trees Along the Streets


The Sun-Block Lotion


A Dead Frog


Survived from the Steps

Star Flower

Nha Trang Bridge


Nha Trang Temple 1


Nha Trang Temple 2

Nha Trang Temple 3

View of Nha Trang

Nha Trang Airport

Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC River

HCMC City Hall

HCMC Opera


HCMC Notre Dame Cathedral

Vietnam Students

Mekong Delta (Cuu Long)


A Temple-like Restaurant


Church in China Town 1


Church in China Town 2


Church in China Town 3

China Town Market Hat Shops


Dragon in the Temple