In this chapter, I would like to share my opinions about this project and the flooding.

   This project was planned to be a MS Word document, as I was good at doing that. However, Mr. Arthur Yip told me that he would give me very many bonus marks if I hand in a computer presentation. Well, I hope Mr. Yip will keep his promise (Never mind, I am just kidding). I went to the Central library in Causeway Bay and borrowed a book about this topic - 1998 Changjiang flooding. This is where (most of) the information in this project comes from. I will mention it in the next page. In the above pages, I have tried my best to introduce you about the flooding. Do not hesitate to give me comments. You may contact me by i-mail (for TSSS teachers and students only).

   It is time to back to the subject. Since I have never been to anywhere along Changjiang, I am not so clear about the environment there. Okay, let me give my opinion from a bystander's view.

   I think the China government has got a strange habit. It took few preventions before the hazard comes. As I has mentioned before, people deforested in the upper course, damaged irrigation facilities in the middle course and polluted the river in the lower course. But the governments seemed to be 'hidden'. When the hazard came, the China government quickly became very effective and sensitive. It made use of the advantage of population (1.3 billion!) and immediately mobilized the people, much more the affected ones, to carry out rescue and recovery works. This had made a good impression in the people's minds, either Chinese or foreigners.

   Because of my limited knowledge about the flooding, I can only make limited guess about the effectiveness of the governments works. I do agree that the China government was successful. However, I had heard some analysts saying that, some local government leaders aimlessly carried out recovery works (like building this and building that...). They wasted a lot of money and manpower and so on. Moreover, everyone knows that there must be some bad local leaders in China corrupted when they received the so much donation. We can only hope that these are not true - as the China government will never make these two problems open.

   The main content of this project is finished. You can click to see the 'source of information' if you like. Whatever, thank you for visiting my website.


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