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We are a coming soon match-making company which will be managed by our experienced matchmaking and  accounting professionals.   We aim at high quality match-making services with our topmost integrities to serve single people in Hong Kong, China and Overseas.    We also aim at interactions with humans who are losing personal contacts in their daily-lives around;  or in their work limited by the environments and there are too many potential messy situations.   We show you real photos of recent members, all with one thing in common: they're single, available, and eager to make new acquaintances.   Maybe the missing ingredient is YOU!   Our focus is to work out the most successful and perfect matches within the shortest lead time  according to their lifestyles, attitudes, values and goals as well as someone matching their physical requirements.     Don't be hanging about !!   just begin your journey towards looking for your 'SOUL MATE' through our excellent service.        



1.      We provide you on viewing members' picture, occupation, outlook and hobbies for your selections.   Other than these items are kept confidential.

2.      All pictures are latest half year and are relevant to real persons

3.      If both sides agree to see each other, we will arrange an one-to-one dating for you.  Meeting rooms are provided by our company.   After that we'll take the follow-up services.  We are keenly aware that compatibility and chemistry are important elements.

4.      Verification of members information eliminates communication barriers    

5.      Free value-added services such as Personnel Imaging Consultations and Photo Takings are provided free of charges if necessary.  

6.  Placing of advertisements at members' instructions;

7.      We provide you our best quality service and always stand on the side of your benefits



1.  It's time saving.  You can meet your ideal partner directly with the common target and interests.      

2.  Easy and free presentation; there's no embarrass in public;  

3.  Unlike other matching companies, we hold up the others and do the follow-up services on you two once you have met your Mr/Ms Right.  

4.  Capable of perfect match-up in two month's time



 PLAN A Registration And Photo Browsing     HK$       0
  Every Matching thereafter                300
 PLAN B Registration And Photo Browsing     HK$       0
  Half-year Unlimited Matching              1,200
 PLAN C Registration And Photo Browsing     HK$       0
  One-year Unlimited Matching              2,000
 PLAN D Registration And Photo Browsing     HK$       0
  Three-year Unlimited Matching

             - NA -




*Match-up Red Packet     :    At your own free will

NOTE: If you are ready to meet your ' Mr/Ms Right ' , we will temporary hold his/her file.

*Match-up refers to both of you getting married , or become common-law partners or identify your Mr/Ms Right that both of you accept no further matching service. 



1. We welcome any single person at least 21 years old across all levels and races but with a heart to look for a marriage partner  with no intended deception.

2. We provide cross-match (men and women) service only; There's no indecent dealings.



Please send us a email to leave your name, age, race, height, occupation, a daytime contact no (Hong Kong time) and forward a recent photo to us.  We will contact you soon

We keep all your information and photo in strictest confidence, and will not upload any to any web site.


Contact e-mail :