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50 Euros or Best Price! (excl 64 MB Compact Flash Card)
CFC - add 10 Euros

Product Info
> 2 slots for different memory cards:
slot 1 for MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital-card
slot 2 for Compact Flash Card type 1;
It is prepared to handle future memory cards with a capacity of up to 2 x 2 GB.
> Large format graphic display with back-light
> 5 Band Equalizer
> With integrated game-interface:
games are loaded from the card directly into the player ( games already included: Snake game, Breakout game)
Stainless steel belt-clip
interchangeable colored covers available as accessories
>USB port
>Supports Windows 98/ 2000/ME/XP, Linux and MacOS 9.x.

Personal Info
This MP3 player has served me well. The reason I want to "get rid of it" is because the firmware needs to be updated, meaning that the player needs to be connected to a Windows 98 or 2000 OS and the software needs to be downloaded from pontis.de. Since I have XP (and everyone else I know also has XP or else Id keep it) I cant do this and so cannot use the Player at this point. It only needs 1 AA Batterie, the USB cable is also included. There are a few scratches on the front and a bigger one on the back (see pictures) but the neat thing about this mp3 player is that the covers are changable!!!
(similar to nokia cell phones)You can get covers at niedermeyer,saturn,etc... for a price of 10 euros or so. Thats about it email me if your interested or have any other questions.

6 in 1 Card Reader
10 Euros or Best Price!

Product Info
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 multi-card Reader/Writer that connects to your computer's USB 2.0 port. Because USB 2.0 devices are backwards compatible with USB 1.1 ports, the  6 in 1 Reader/ Writer will work with all existing USB ports.
1. Compact Flash Type 1
2. Compact Flash Type 2
3. SmartMedia
4. Memory Stick
5. MultiMediaCard
6. SD Card

Personal Info
This 6 in 1 Card reader works absolutly great! No scratches nothing! I just dont need it anymore. USB cable included. Is great for storing media or various mediums.

Canon Prima Zoom Camera
50 Euros or Best Price
Product Info
>zoom 35mm to 70mm
>automatic and manuell flash
>"red eyes" automatic removal
> Automatic film rolling
> automatic rewind
> 10sec timer for pictures
>different types of flash
> and a few other features

Personal Info
This camera is great. Its like as if it were BRAND NEW, since I rarely used it! There is even a brand new roll of film inside. Everything works fine, the batterie is new, it works great its just i dont have any use of it anymore.

Tamrac Camera Bag
ideal for Canon Prima Zoom above ;)
15 Euros or best price!
bag bag
Product Info
>2 slot camera bag
>very spacious
>ideal for all camera types

Personal Info
This bag is like brand new kind of like the camera above. Its absolutly clean. It has two zippers a smaller one in the front for films,batteries,etc... and a larger one for the cam itself.

DVD PC TV Scart Cable 5m
10 Euros or best price!
Product Info
Scart cable to connect PC to TV or other scart sources
5m length

Personal Info
It works fine i just dont need it anymore

Kitchen Spice Glass Turner
15 Euros or Best Price
Product Info
Originaly 12 Spice Jars now only 11 as seen in picture
This thing turns around in circles
Never used so its clean!
Labels with spice names already on top or make your own labels

Coat Hanger
20 Euros or best Price!
Product Info
Black Coat Hanger with circular stand at bottom

Other Products that are available (no pictures yet will try and get those ASAP)
If your interested in a product right now and cant wait to see it just email me and Ill send you a picture!

5 euros or best price
works but sound quality is not good and the cable doesnt work all to great

15 Euros or best Price!
Microwave is old but works fine. the timer button is broken and so needs to be "turned on" manuely

Toast Machine 2 Halves
20 euros or best price
Works great. put two toast sandwiches inside and it splits them in half. the only thing is the latch is missing but all you need to do is push down shortly.

15 Euros or best price
Toaster workers great and is in good condition. Toasts 4 pieces of toast at once, and there is a grill type of bar on top for more bread or whatever you want. Ive even warmed small meat with it. Is a bit burnt on the inside but hey its cheap ;)

CD Stand
15 Euros or best price
Black CD tower that holds up to 50 CD's. Excellent Condition

50 Euros or Best Price
The couch is in good condition. you can roll it out to make it into a kingsize bed. there are a few tears on the back and the couch itself due to some bad bad cats. Its blue with some motives on it and the tears are not big. Currently I have a white sheet over it. looks good. oh yeah there are two pillows as well that go with it. Sitting space for 3 maybe even 4 people.

Daewoo VCR Recorder
55 Euros or best Price
Its as if it were brand new. rarely used. WITH remote control of course. scart cable connection to TV. Color is black. Your standar VCR with a few extra functions.

2x Blue Elta CD Player
20 Euros per player or best price!
2 Blue Elta CD Players in GREAT condition. Rarely Used. Of course you dont need to purchase both. Needs 2 AA batteries.

MTC CD Player (home systems)
40 Euros or best Price!
A black CD player WITH remote control that only plays CD's. The look and size is very similar to a DVD player but it only plays music. Great for home sound systems.

EMAIL: hk22is@yahoo.com

more comming soon....