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Welcome to Gemma's Page
Bienvenidos a la Pagina de Gemma
Hi everyone, my name is Gemma, but you all can call me Sandy... that's my nick name.

I had created this webpage with things that I really enjoy a lot and I hope you all will enjoy it too...

Please feel free to give me your opinion about every section of this page. I will really appreciate it.

The main idea that I had when I was creating this page was to have many people reading many different stories that had happened to people around the world. I know that i will be able to complete my page with your help. If you will like people to read a little story about yourself, all you need to do is e-mail me your story and I'll make sure I place it on my page for other to read.
Hola a todos, mi nombre es Gemma, pero ustedes me pueden llamar Sandy... esa es mi sobrenombre.

Yo hice esta pagina con cosas que a mi me gusta mucho y espero que a todos ustedes tambien le gusten...

Sientance libre en expresarme sus opiniones acerca de cada seccion de esta pagina. Yo lo apreciare realmente.

La idea principal que tenia cuando estaba creando esta pagina era en obtener personas para leer diferente historias que han pasado a aquellas gente alrededor del mundo. Yo se que lograre completar esta pagina con su ayuda. Y si usted quiere que otras personas lean una pequena history suya, lo unico que tienes que hacer es mandarme un correo electronico con su historia y yo hare lo mejor en publicarla en my pagina para que gentes alrededor del mundo lo lea.
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Follow is a list of the things that I enjoy
(Aqui esta una lista de las cosas que me gusta):
* Gemma's Tweety Page
* Gemma's Hello Kitty Page

Follow is a list of real stories:
* Theme Park Story
* Responsibility
* Practical Jokes
* Miau Miau's Story
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