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London's The Times 31 Jan 97 reported: A disciplinary tribunal said that Mr Ian HOPKINS, manager of the now defunct Barings security trading company, had not blown the whistle hard enough "until they are noted by the proper authorities" over the 1995 malpractice of Nick LEESON in Singapore. Despite having been "fired from the governing management committee just 3 days before the collapse" of Barings for the whistleblowing, HOPKINS was nonetheless found guilty of failing in his ethical/statutory duty of "due skill, care and diligence".
A contrary development has, however, persisted beyond 1997 in Hong Kong since the colonial times. The following is Hong Kong's newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) 10 Sep 94 report of Hong Kong's first reported whistleblower case of barrister/pharmacist Mr Anthony C H CHUA (B5:蔡誌慶; GB:絆祩④ CAI Zhiqing):
Photo's Caption "Barrister Gets Warning About Contempt". The counterallegation is that the Bar Code No.101 is against the right to freedom of speech and the Hong Kong Bar is a "public authority" subject to the Rule of Law under the Bill of Rights. Wordings of the placard around his neck is self-explanatory in both Chinese and English: Hong Kong Colonial Government and Hong Kong Bar Association Victimise Whistleblower Anthony C H CHUA. The title of the book under his right arm is "Commission on Human Rights, Philippines". See below for more details and for the case against the Hong Kong Colonial Government under Colonial Regulations 57 and 59.

A. Terry LUI's Definition of Whistleblowing in Hong Kong Appeal Court and Journal

"sounding an alarm drawing attention to instances of abuse or neglect in the organisation which might threaten public interest". (please click the link of each title or sub-title for details)

B. Whistleblowers in Mainland China

1. Mr DENG Xiaoping (B5:鄧小平; GB:腌苤す) is the most well-known whistleblower via-a-vis the old guards. He was purged 3 times. The Chinese concept of retaliation against the whistleblower is called making him wear a smaller pair of shoes (B5:穿小鞋; GB:援苤衧).

C. Whistleblowers in Hong Kong

1. The Two Cases of Mr Anthony C H CHUA (his biography below) his photo in the above SCMP :

  1. The Hong Kong Government Pharmacist who was compulsorarily retired under Colonial Regulation 57 and 59, under the pretext of misconduct, for blowing the whistle on the Hong Kong Colonial Government's legitimacy ...
  2. The Hong Kong Barrister who challenges that the Hong Kong Bar Code No. 101 is against the freedom of speech and that the Hong Kong Bar Association has practised double-standard by asserting itself not being subject to the application of Hong Kong Bill of Rights.

2. The Case of Mr Trevor SOFIELD per SCMP 28 May 94 "Polytechnic Lecturer Sent Packing After Blowing the Whistle ... but Inquiry Reveals Need for Change", "Polytechnic Whistle-blower Sacked"; Hong Kong Standard 28 May 94 "Polytechnic Shake-up after inquiry unto Misconduct"; Eastern Express 28 May 94 "Poly Whistleblower Forced Out of His Job".

3. The case of Mr Laurence LEUNG Ming-Yin (B5:梁銘彥), former Immigration Chief, retired under Colonial Regulation 59 (B5:殖民地規例五十九條), who blew the whistle in an inquiry of the Legislative Council that he was in fact forced out. This highlighted the unsatisfactory aspect of the personnel practice of the Hong Kong Colonial Government. See SCMP 19 Jun 97.

D. Legislations Protecting Whistleblowers

E. Codes of Ethics Containing Whistleblowing Provision
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J. Conclusions and Helps

As the Web search-engine Infoseek gave more than 10 millions WebPages containing "whistleblow* or whistle-blow*" in 1997, more people will be alerted to the utility of whistleblowing and the need to protect whistleblowers. Read the GAP Checklist: Survival Strategies. Cheer up and fight on! Whistleblowers!

K. The Author / WebMaster of this WebSite
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