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Hells Kitchen AIDS Project, Inc. (HKAP) has provided
primary HIV prevention and AIDS awareness information since 1989
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As of
no one in the world has been cured of AIDS.

The Voice of Hell's Kitchen AIDS Project, Inc.
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MISSION STATEMENT:  Hell's Kitchen AIDS Project, Inc. is dedicated to providing diverse groups of youth
with essential health and wellness information in order that they may make informed and responsible choices
in the age of HIV/AIDS.
Summer Youth Leadership Institute 2005
(From left to right)
* Jasmin Creque * Joyce Martinez * Jackie Cairns *
* Calvin Anderson, * Yan Lin Cai * Hong Fen Wang (aka Amy) *
(Camera Shy)
* Nyasha Taylor * Ariana Vasquez *
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While we don't know how to cure AIDS
We do know how to prevent it.
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HIV/AIDS Around the World
Leadership Institute 2005
How Much Do You Know About HIV/AIDS?  Take A Test and See
Since 1981,
85,292 HIV infected New Yorkers have died of AIDS

As of March 31, 2004,
90,298 New Yorkers had been diagnosed with HIV.
Of these individuals,
58,097 were known to be living with AIDS
The actual number of New Yorkers living with HIV
is higher than statistics show.
It is estimated that 25% more New Yorkers
are living with HIV but do not know they are infected  The reason: They have never been tested for HIV,
the virus which causes AIDS
More than 1 million Americans
are currently living with HIV/AIDS
Photo by:  Yan Lin Cai & Hong Fen Wang