this is rick from toledo he z pretty cool
this is jenn shes super cool from colo
this is tonya from yapoo cool chick
jess from mich cowtown cool 2
nina from illi shes sooo sweet
this is naomi my bestfriend shes from cali and sweet as hell
misty is from yapoo cool girl
my dude jason from ftj hk rox mcl
heather from yapoo cool as shit
my real good friend kera from aol
my all knowing buddy billy from aol
my buddy stayc from aol and yapoo
bree from yapoo is cooliez
wendi from mich is sweet
copyright 2003 immortal concepts
this is no where near all my ppl if ur not on here and u wanna be email me a pic small please FRESSALOS AND FRESSALETTES
tony has no small pix i take it he my hk nikka so i ll let it slide
back 2 main
this is Casper from Hells Kitchen
this is walter my bud from mi hes cool
this is crystal from mich  mmfcl
yet another peep from illi rachel shes cool
ray the wanna be pimp from cali hes cool
the homie art from d-town
this is chi
looks its dat pickle buffin fressalette brandi
look itz briank aka screw  like whoa
woot woot daves an og fressalo
christine aka heavenly  mfkl
more fress ppl
Homies of the Fress juggalo monkey