Hk Asian Express is going to be closed down from now and on... sorry for the many lack of updating because I seriously have no time to update this site and instead of trying to maintain an active forum, it's turning to another one of those entertainment site where you just jampackly stuff images and stuff on it for visitors to visit.  I am having a real hard time trying to maintain Entertainment Stars Zone, and the fact that my other three sis aren't updating, I know they are busy with their websites too.  THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FROM YOU ALL THROUGHOUT OUR SITE, AND WE APPRECIATE IT!  Don't be disapointed or maybe you won't be, but here are some sites for you to check out that's related to this one... enjoy!

Entertainment Stars Zone maintained by Jenni
Charmaine Sheh's Palace maintained by Virgina
Vicki's Collection maintained by Vanessa
HK Rave maintained by Ly

If any of the other three webmistresses of this site want to reopen it, you may do so!  I haven't delete any of the materials on this site yet, so go ahead but sorry, Jenni is out hehe! 



If you have any questions, you may email, Jenni's email, for future notices or questions regarding HKAE.  BYE EVERYONE!