Hong Kong On-site Computer Repair Service




Local on-site repair service for Home PCs and Home Network.

On-Site Computer Checking Fee:

Hong Kong Island: HK$60.00

Other Area: Please call for inquiry.

*Free checking if any service below had been choose:

Service Charge Table:

Hardware Installation:

HK$200.00+Parts Fee

Windows Installation:


Software Installation:

About HK$100.00~HK$150.00

Network Installation:

If you have more than one computers at your home, you can link all of them together to make the file transfer and share between all computers more easier and faster, also you can share internet connection between all computer  too!!! HK$550.00 (For a network of two computers, all parts fee are included)

Service Hotline: 92312351, Gary Cheung

Email: Garycky@gmail.com


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