T H E   L A S T   G U R U

I'm a sucker for truth, dedication, the underdog and lost causes. 

Abdul Rachiman Gurukkal is not only unique for his scrupulous honesty in a sea of corruption, but he is a supremely qualified, talented and capable traditional ayurvedic guru.  Abdul is the finest student trained by CMM Ustad, who is arguably the foremost contemporary ayurvedic guru and research scientist [but no longer in general practice].

Abdul is to be distinguished from the modern ayurvedic physician.  He was trained under the traditional guru system and is one of the rare traditional physicians remaining dedicated to the traditional ethic of serving humanity [charges are negligible].  I have been personally treated by Abdul for severe ankle sprain and general, age related, weakness and debilitation.  His treatments were dramatically successful and his medical skill is exceeded only by his genuine love and dedication to humanity.

In traditional ayurvedic instruction the student and guru commit themselves totally and unconditionally to ayurveda in the service of humanity.  This results in the transcendent bond between student and guru that opens the metaphysical channel to the source of healing wisdom.  The person seeking ayurvedic treatment needs to be aware that there is an extreme distinction between modern and traditional ayurveda.  The conspiracy to destroy ayurveda began with the British assault on all of India’s ancient wisdom.  The latest form of this attack is the manufacture a corrupted version of ayurveda in the modern university format and making it the officially sanctioned version, with traditional ayurveda denied legal status.  Because Abdul rigorously adheres to the traditional ayurvedic service ethic, he is completely out of place in a modern commercial environment.  This is just a complicated way of saying that because he is dedicated in a very ancient way, he is a very poor businessman, and does not present a sophisticated clinic.  To experience treatment by Abdul is to step back into a lost age and be served by the metaphysical source through a traditional master.

Abdul has two clinics in Madikeri and Kushalnagar, Karnataka. 

Bharath Ayurveda and Naturopathy Center
Thayagaraj Nagar, behind Gaddige
Madikeri  571201
  Phone: [0]8272 25842

Bharath Ayurveda Massage & Health Care Center
Bld# 4-153-3  Bypass Road, near Chythra Arts
Kushalnagar  571234
  Phone: [0]8276 71063

I will be glad to provide further details.