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II. 是----正路活動:

B. 學聯社運資源中心之友 Friends of HKFS/SMRC :

B.1 學聯社運資源中心之友 Friends of HKFS/SMRC (Groups)

NB My view of the present organisation and functioning of the HKFS/Hq and HKFS/SMRC is comparative, against the research finding of Wright 2001 (see Item on "鳴謝 Thank all copyright holders and References" at in_IV_Notices_AcknowledgeCopyright.htm. As a dissident of the HKFS, I have high regards of the HKFS and the folks therein, EXCEPT (mostly against the HKFS/SMRC) their unlawful exclusion, assault, unlawful prevention of my filming of their activites in public, smoking, foul language etc. (the latter components should more appropriately be listed under the other column - the Blue Column of Wrong).

NB Unlike the student movements in Mainland China and Taiwan, the HKFS has close links with non-students, and to some extent merged and be dominated by non-student (Cf. reference Wright 2001 p.21).

NB Despite the name of a student organisation, student participation in the HKFS (esp. the SMRC, and to a lesser extent the Hq) is very low. Yet it serves to nourish social movement groups by providing facilities. (NB These 3 para. are the same for Items A and B)

The HKFS/SMRC is actually dominated by non-students. The most dominant groups appear to be:

1. "Video Power URL http://www.videopower.org.hk", manned mainly by Li Wai-Yee 維怡, Terry Tsui and Viki. During my daily protest against Exclusion, Smoking, Foul Language etc, the door of HKFS/SMRC was manned by Terry. I am of the view that the working premises (equipment and records of the video) of Video Power are actually within the premises of HKFS/SMRC.

   a. 維怡 has been connected with the HKFS/SMRC at least since the Rooftop Incident in 1995 (see reference <金輪抗爭> p.30). I am of the view that she is the female partner of Terry based on the following observations: e.g. after her performance in the 020602 June 4 Dizzidenzza3 concert, she took off her long-sleeve-T-shirt to expose a sexy red bra-top and then sat on the lap of Terry at the side of the stage.

   b. A similar incident happened at the 021027 Sept 11 Anti-war Concert in which Maggie Lam performed on stage with a sexy white bra-top and a long blue ribbon around her ponytail. She then came down the stage and kissed wildly the neck and ears of Chan Chiu-Wai (see Item on "B. 性感放縱的音樂會" in the Blue Column). I am of the view that, 維怡, Viki, 譚靄君(叉包), 彩鳳 Choi-Fung and Maggie Lam, are the main defender of its Sex Culture of 性感放縱, per its brochure <簡介>, which openly sanctioned "鹹書...做愛、吸煙、講粗口", which the police translated as "advocated self freedom of 'making love, smoking cigarettes, speaking offensive language, etc'." Despite my challenge to set policy against the "5 bad habits in the broad sense", the HKFS/SMRC Management Committee, chaired by Maggie Lam, did not change it. She even asked her colleague Mr YANG Shue-Hung 楊樹雄 of the Polyu to give it to the reporters of Oriental Daily and Sing Pao. The reporters were so protective of HKFS/SMRC that they did not publish the above wordings on 020827.

   c. Non-students at Video Power appear to be connected with the RTHK especially the "HK Connection [鏗鏘集]", the episode of which [心靈收窄] 020714 Sunday TVB Jade 星期日晚上七時無線電視翡翠台 opens with words of Maggie Lam and Li chun-Wai, challenging police interference, and the folks of HKFS/SMRC in the first Sai Yeung Choi Street on 020309 (See http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/tv/hkcc/20020714.html). As mentioned in Item B of the Green Column, HKFS/SMRC uses「無團體名、無人負責制」; hence you find no identification as such. Yet [鏗鏘集]'s captioned mentioned clearly the word HKFS/SMRC. One of its Core Members 劉榮輝 was interviewed with the caption of 學聯資源中心成員阿輝. The HKFS Representative Council Chairman Mr Fung Ka-keung was also interviewed as a HKFS Member. It is strange that 阿輝, but not the HKFS/SMRC Chair Maggie Lam, was interviewed. One of the reasons that I can think of is that Maggie Lam, dressed in a sexy "露銀藍色乳罩的吊帶衣", which barely covered her navel and which is my 2nd charge of Sexual Harassment against her, was dressed as such in that afternoon of 020623 talking to the RTHK reporter, possibly flirted so much (evidence of the HKFS/SMRC Sex Culture) that the HK Connection editor would not dare to include clips about her.

   d. Students willing to submit to that HKFS/SMRC Sex Culture (para. 1.a-c above and 3 below) appears to be enticed by material/sensual advantages. In the case of Maggie Lam, it appears to be a part-time job as an Assistant Director at the RTHK and interview at the CityBus Roadshow about music. In the case of male members, it appears to be 卑隻手你渣,卑PecPec、Bra你睇 (the latter being my 1st charge of Sexual Harassment against Maggie Lam).

2. 噪音合作社 Noisebox is the name of a local social movement band. Again, I have high regards for this group and I am one of its fans (esp. the female singer). It is manned by Billy 孔繁強, a multi-talented humourous guy and a VIP in street protest performance. The ArtsAttack Pamphlet describes its 020619 concert in the HK Cultural Centre. I first met Billy in 牛棚 Ox Artist Village in TokwaWan on 020630. I then met him and, possibly, the above female singer during one of my protests at the HKFS/SMRC. Having known that one of my protest is against smoking and that smoking is harmful to their sex organs, Billy said that the HKFS/SMRC is not suitable for me. The female singer also said humourously that I was cursing her, although she was not smoking at that moment.

I am of the view that the premises of Noisebox is also at the premises of HKFS/SMRC, of which Billy held the key. Its CD is for sale at the HKFS/SMRC. The CD backcover thanks the band 三孖七與朋友仔, to which Maggie Lam and 叉包 belong. 三孖七與朋友仔 appears to be another band based in HKFS/SMRC. In fact, social movement groups/bands are not rigidly organised: they come and go. And persons can participate in various groups. While I enjoy Billy's CD, I disagree with the 豎中指 in its pamphlet. 豎中指 and foul language songs (not in the CD) will only backfire social movement, since Rawls (2) is "an open explanation to the public" (see para. 16 of the Introduction).

3. SM後樂園─弱勢話事 http://sm8a8k.hypermart.net/leftright/sm/sm.htmlappears to be part of the HKFS/SMRC. Yet a banner I saw in 1aSpace carries SM後樂園, without the suffix of HKFS/SMRC. Its webpage says:



I would say that the above is part of the HKFS/SMRC Sex Culture described in para. 1.a-c above. Yet it houses more than 800 CD's not normally found in the CD shops owned by non-students e.g Felix (present past-time staff), 阮勛 (former staff), 維怡, 柏齊, Viki.

4. 香港專上學生聯會第四十四屆代表會第二次常務會議 學聯社運資源中心管理委員會工作報告 says that 1991五月十五日晚上至五月十六日中午期間,一筆暫存於職員儲物櫃的款項以被盜去。後經管委會成員商議過後,於十六日晚上到旺角警署備案。由中心參與者自資的條件下,繼續向有需要使用者發放新大門鎖匙,並作出登記。It fails to set regulations for participants to adhere. If fire breaks out because participants' cigarette burn something, the HKFS/SMRC will be liable because it has abdicated their duties and responsibilities to control the premises under their charge (see 社運資源中心管理委員會章程). Also, non-smokers may sue the HKFS/SMRC for health hazards brought on by smokers, as such health hazards have now been well proven and advertised. In view of the air-conditioned premises of HKFS/SMRC, it is grossly inappropriate for Maggie Lam and her supporting MgtCom to defend their so-called "Freedom to smoke for adults". Not only the HKFS/SMRC Chair Maggie Lam does not stop the practice, she actually encourages smoking by joining in the smoking and sang foul-language songs to entertain them. Coupled with her open support of smoking in the newspaper, and of "鹹書...做愛、吸煙、講粗口" in the brochure <簡介>, the situation at the HKFS/SMRC has been inflammed. Not withstanding her contribution esp. in bringing about a dance for the 021215 rally, Maggie Lam's abuse of power by making use of radical participants of the HKFS/SMRC and of the police (by exaggerating the facts and by preying on my need to get firsthand information for my PhD dissertation) to suppress my dissenting protests have put a permanent blemish in the history of the HKFS.

5. I mentioned in Item A that In the night of 021205, I personally asked the HKFS Rep. Council Chair Mr FUNG Ka-Keung, as head of the premises, to ask the head of the "April 5 Action Group" Mr LEUNG Kwok-Hung to stop smoking at the HKFS/Hq. Mr Fung said that there was no regulation against smoking - a bureaucratic reply that, if said by the government, would be subject to his criticism. Yet, I believe, if Mr FUNG had asked, Mr LEUNG would have stopped smoking, because Mr Leung would take his dose of nicotine before entering the Professional Teachers' Union and the MTR. Mr YEUNG Pang-Chin would also not smoking inside the Tsuen Wan office of "街工 (街坊工友服務處)". In short, enacting regulations against smoking would not discourage valued champions such as Mr LEUNG and Mr YEUNG from associating themselves with the "righteous" HKFS. Failing to do so will only discourage the majority of non-smoking students from associating themselves with the "righteous" HKFS. Afterall, 公民抗命者 must be of high 道德操守.

6. I mentioned in Item A that In view of the now well-established medical evidence, smoking is not only harmful to the health of the smoker, but also to his/her offsprings and, through secondhand smoking, to the health of others. Since harming others' health is not in accordance with our moral norms, I would argue that it is [1] immoral to smoke. It is esp. so for smokers like Viki who appears to be one of the suppliers of cigarettes to Maggie Lam. In my mass email of [Smoking and Abortion 020509], I said that 吸煙可以增加不舉 (also lowers the sperm count),和使“流產機會率比非吸煙女性高10倍"[http://www.smoke3teens.com]。PPAHK reports: "During 1998-2000, cases of girls aged 15-19 found smoking jumped 100 times". In my mass email of "八樓陳昭偉(中大阿昭)用粗口till蔡誌慶的老母 020710", I said that HKU "無煙"策略 (可加 polyu, cityu...) 是全校(incl.空地)無煙,除劃出的數塊小空地... See http://www.hku.hk/uhs/ > click Health & Wellness Information > click smoking. 我數年所見的HKUSU Office 和人無人食煙. 「防止青少年吸煙委員會」主席狄志遠said that 已有三百三十一間中、小學,以及八千八百多名師生簽回回條,全力支持政府立法,把校園列為法定禁煙區。其中有二百多間學校更在校園張掛「支持無煙校園」橫額,向校內學生及社區人士傳遞無煙校園的訊息。(ref. ww021022)

7. I mentioned in Item A that I would also argue that, since smoking (and hair dying) is an indicator of Secondary School Inspection 視學, university students such as Maggie Lam's [2] smoking is an indication of the failure of Moral Education at her high school Tack Ching Girls' Middle School. tk021126 reports "記者所見﹐該校學生儀容普遍整齊﹐不見有染髮少年。記者十月初趁訪問該校的空隙﹐到附近的熟食檔午膳﹐看不到有學生抽煙。不過﹐上周三完成訪問後﹐記者再到同一熟食檔午膳﹐目睹十數位該校學生﹐男生女生皆有﹐飯後掏出香煙燃點﹐舉止熟練。記者毗鄰的一桌有七位該校女生﹐邊進膳邊聊天﹐間有說髒話的。其中兩人點起香煙﹐旁邊一桌的男士側目一看﹐連忙捧起飯菜移坐另一邊。現場所見﹐有即席在飯桌抽煙的﹐有三三兩兩邊走邊抽煙的﹐不下十數人。" My contact with Tack Ching's Sister Wong Mei-Mei concerning her raising of the 5-star Flag has revealed to me that Sister Wong runs aways from debates on controversial issues. 因為德性是通過不斷的社交 (social interaction)而發展的,我們是在遇上道德兩難(moral dilemma)時才真正"良心發現" (Conscience is Caught),道德兩難的討論是通過認知衝突(cognitive conflicts)使我們產生正確的道德觀。Hence I would invite Sister Wong to use this website and the case of her TackChingRen Maggie Lam as teaching material for debate in Tack Ching.

8. I mentioned in Item A that Responses to moral ethics (i.e. discipline) must be prompt and fair 公正. I purposely misrepresented 屈 Joyce Ho, Maggie Lam and Alvina with a connection with the HKU Wo Fung Cabinet (as distinguished from the Wo Fung Cabinet). The responses were, respectively, an immediate demand for me to apologise and correct in public, an immediate, indirect and spiteful complaint, and a mere stern comment on the inaccuracy when I called her. It is certainly wrong to misrepresent 屈 someone; but which of the three responses can be considered as "prompt and fair 公正"? Not only must my responses be "prompt and fair 公正", I need to adhere to the Prosecution Policy of "sufficient evidence and public interest". The smoking and other bad habits in the broad sense at the HKFS must be dealt with and be debated openly in order to get the effect of "良心發現" (Conscience is Caught).

9. I mentioned in Item A that In short, both Mr Fung and Miss Maggie Lam have abdicated their duties and responsibilities to control the premises under their charge (see 第四章 代表會 第二十二條 職權: 會章附則、代表會附則 社運資源中心管理委員會章程 4.1. 處理中心的管理工作). It is aggravating for Maggie Lam to join in the smoking and foul language songs. Worst of all, Mr Fung takes no actions against Maggie Lam for her abuse of powers (See my many mass emails e.g. <和解及銷案 020820>). Mr Fung has not apparently informed the member student unions, which pay fees to the HKFS. Such member student unions have the right to know how their fees are used. In dealing with Maggie Lam, I separate her good things from the bad ones; hence the 2-column format of this website.

B.2 學聯社運資源中心之友 Friends of HKFS/SMRC (Core individuals)

Consisted of members of the above Core Groups and former office-holders, who are no longer students. N.B. Cons 第二十八條:代表會職員如在任期內脫離學籍或會員學生會會籍,經代表會通過信任議案後,得繼續留任至屆滿為止。Similar treatment for other office-holders. Like A.1 above, there is no disciplinary regulations for the "Friends of HKFS" to follow. The "offenders" can either be completely free, or be sanctioned at will by the ExCo/Council/MgtCom (See my case in the Blue column).

B.3 學聯社運資源中心之友 Friends of HKFS/SMRC (Non-Core Individuals)

Non-Open Email List, which is available at its website of http://sm8a.8k.com . Lots of news and analyses. Invitations to participate in its activities are however made through telephone and once, anonymously through a message in my pager just two hours before the rally began.

B.4 學聯社運資源中心義工 Volunteers of HKFS/SMRC

Unlike the HKFS/Hq, HKFS/SMRC has no published written procedure on Volunteers. Probably by verbal, personal links, volunteers are treated as Friends of HKFS/SMRC.

Anthony C. H. Chua
PhD Candidate in Constitutional Law
(discontinued pending appeal to HKU Council)
University of Hong Kong (see my contacts and websites below)
Version: 021225 11p

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