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II. 是----正路活動

E.3. 蔡誌慶 - "怪模樣"攝影作品 Cute Photos:

1. As a photographer since my Munsang days, I've been taught to catch special moments at special angles and special background. Hence I have long dropped my heavy Nikon FM2 and have been using Nikon AF210, a light 32mm fixed wide-angle 傻瓜機. I need to get close to my subject for my wide-angle to catch the subject with the right background. I like to film cute little kids, especially during a public event or one with many people in the background. I do not film cute girls. The following photo about the "cute Maggie Lam in the hkusu Consultative Conference" was unintentional when taken:

2. 德貞人 林靜港大 學生會的 張愛玲《傾城之戀》白流蘇 般含羞怪模樣: My comparing her "Right是" side with the female character of 張愛玲《傾城之戀》白流蘇 is based only on a commentary from Apple Daily (ad021126) 湯禎兆's《學生看傾城》: "有人在討論時間問到為何male范柳原 會選female白流蘇 而非 female七妹,林奕華...以內外兩層析之: [1]內為小說中反覆提到范愛白的 低頭姿態,由是引伸出白具中國傳統女性美態的特質; [2]外為當年的時代背景,不少中國女性已外出工作自力更生,而像白流蘇般死守於府第受盡閒氣的例子已是落伍人家的所為。 [3]而台下正好有學生在不久後再追問:無論如何去看,白流蘇都是小說中最前wai 新潮的女子(指敢搶妹妹的未來歸宿,而且又可孤身上路飄洋找范柳原)。...能夠在短時間內對講者的分析有出色的回應,而且敢提出***異見,實在是當天最精采的一幕...。比起去年名校女生面對高行健而不知膚淺的放言侃論,實在高出不知多少檔次。"

3. I do not read romance stories, except classic ones like《Jane Eyre》,《Wuthering Heights》, forced by my high school English teachers. As mentioned previously in my draft article 《真正的「八樓」和林靜 020626》 para. 4. "在第三次諮詢大會上,我問魏詠賢對孫中山銅像在何處擺有什麼意見,她一句"尊重校方物業處決定",引來張韻琪猛插。這次林靜坐在王耀瑩身傍,但因他缺席,林靜成為我"向右斜入性構圖"相片的對焦點。經歷了「八樓人已變」的我(when I saw Maggie Lam smoking with Viki after a protest at Sai Yeung Choi St. on 020316. This prompted me to reexamine all my photos to find the "truth" about her. In other words, she did not catch my attention when the photos were taken, nor did her photos catch my attention until 020316),對她「垂著頭」「任你睇」的模樣不禁令我想起小學時唯一曾經和我"孖椅"坐在我左邊的女同學的蘋果裝 - 耳旁的秀髮向前兜著下巴,形成圓圓的一個樸素蘋果,然而林靜的嘴角卻向下彎,反襯出一片"我只剩無奈"的模樣(see pic2 = above photo (which is now trimmed to highlight Maggie Lam's 「垂著頭」、"我只剩無奈"的模樣、張愛玲's 低頭姿態 or coy head-lowering [for want of a better English translation]. (NB The beautiful description in this paragraph is only a fair comment and should not be taken as acceptance of Maggie Lam's flirtations [see my 2 charges of Sexual Harassment against her in the Blue Column]. At any rate, Maggie Lam's coy head-lowering photos are not the only ones I've taken.)

4. While the above photo of Maggie Lam was unintentional, the following photos are intentionally taken: the 010604 hkusu forum showing a jealous Maggie Lam, and a coy head-lowering Joyce Ho, Alvina and 3 girls covering up their faces during the 020404 hkusu Council meeting which voided my candidature for the hkusu presidency, one cute girl in the 021111 cuhksu forum with Regina Ip on Article 23, one cute boy in the 021201 Tsuen Wan Article 23 signature campaign, and a cute baby at the mid-autumn protest, Uhall 4th Brother at a Public Order Evil Law Protest and St John 2nd Sister at an Article 23 Signature Campaign.

5. See also my photos with the "Uhall 4th Brother" dancing behind the Munsang Alumni Choir in the top photos, and refusing to dance Hip Hop at a HKFS/SMRC Sai Yeung Choi Street Drama against Article 23 in the bottom photos (NB I damn the use of foul language in this street drama),

6. and also my photo with the "Uhall 4th Brother" as the "Stern Daddy" in the top right photo, punishing the "StJohn 2nd Sister" for failing to clean the dish by the technique of timeout (meaning a short jail term which, for the occasion of this photo lasted 1.5 hours! It is important that there should be no solitary confinement to fighten the kid but continuous dialogue to ask her to repent and clean the dish). Top left photo: "Uhall 4th Brother" refused to change to the role of a driver (Did I "timeout" "Uhall 4th Brother" for the offence of "refusing to change role"?). Bottom photos: "Uhall 4th Brother" looked repentive at his nail marks on my face when he attacked me during his own timeout's. As seen in these photos, what are the theories behind moral education? [Hint: "嚴父慈母 Stern Daddy Benevolent Mammy"]

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N.B. Do not jump to any conclusion until you have read all the facts and opinions from all sides!!!

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