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A site created a few y ears back but suddenly abandoned because of busy schedules in life.  I'm back to update on all the stuff i've created since i haven't updated here.  Thank you to those who supported me through out the years and of course there are a few people i would liek to thank personally.


My dear friend i've met you through the crazinest of our dream idols Jerry and Barbie.  We connected together through out graphics work and of course you had always being the better one at it.  You've made me a beautiful piece of one of my favourite korean idols.  Won Bin and i really love it that i had to use it for my desktop on my computer and even on my laptop too.  You've given me so many tips when i asked and had imporved me by a lot since i first started.  I've learnt many new things from you and i would like to announce i finally got photoshop CS2!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you've done for me


Met you way back in winglin days, when i started to write based on meteor garden, so many years ago and it sad i've never met you in person but i'm sure one day i'll meet you.  Thank you for always beign there for me, for the continuous support whether it me writing fanfics or doing graphics.  You've being a great sister to talk to on net and definitely someone i would not pass a chance to engage in a lively conversation.  Sorry for not having caught up with you lately, hopefully soon we can both sit back and realx at th computer and catch up on how's life ok?

To my other JnB sisters and of course my readers and supporters, without you guys i wouldn't be here today still standing firmly on my feet.  you all play a big part of my life and i'll never forget that.  Here i dedicate my works to all my sisters and friends may you enjoy viewing them.

Don't forget to drop by at my guestbook so i know who've being by, thank you again for all these years and hopefully i'll keep going if i can.

**for requests on making posters and other graphics please go to my fanfic site to apply**

UPDATE: 31 March 2007

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UPDATE: 4 May 2007

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