I finally got the DVDs and 5R photos on the 17th of September,

and they will be distributed by ordinary mail starting the 19th.

Do watch out!

    unit price units   subtotal
YMCA buffet 231 38 9471 9860
wireless mic 90 2 180
tips     209
Averk 2DVD, filming, photo-taking, equipment       5500
(agent)  photo frames 35 55   1925
Hoi Lung  T-shirt 36 58 2088 2238
logo     150
Banner Shop banner 3'x8' 144 1   144
Park'n Shop gift voucher 50 6   250
Shops envelopes   40   34
Post Office stamps 4 40   160
Income full package 500 38 19000  
  souvenir set 230 4 920  
  T-shirt 40 2 80 20000
As at 17th September, 2006   HM Keung    

Assets: T-shirts, photo frames, DVD set, 5R photos.


Souvenir package available at HKD230. Please  email Keung


on 24 June 2006 (Saturday) at 730pm  (reception 630pm)

at President's Room, 3/F, YMCA, Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui   

(right next Hotel Peninsula) location map

Please make a CHEQUE of HKD500 payable to Keung Hon Ming and send it to Flat D, 11/F, Block 8, Villa Athena, Maonshan, N.T.

Budget estimate : buffet 270; DVD and photo 150; other souvenirs 80 (revised on June 19)

For drivers : 2-hour free parking available at New World Centre (just get a chop at service counter)

Some time ago, we walked out of the campus corridors ready to start a new stage in our lives - career, family, aspirations….

Time passes by, sometimes without us noticing it.

      This year is a good occasion –     our graduation's special anniversary  –   to gather together  and  share our happiness,  achievements or  failures,    and    memories of our good-old university days :   the labs, the field trips, the library, the food stalls along Water Street ….

We are expecting you to come.

Please help spread the message and “dig out” as many classmates as possible.

We look forward to a joyous night on 24 June.

See you there!!!  


KEUNG HON MING; Adelaide Lai,

Fung Tung, Alex Poon, Samuel Chan,

Ivy Li,  Cheng Chung Hing

You may supply  your information by email Keung.

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