16 September 2009
“A date which will live in infamy”
Geocities, the evil multinational conglomerate that produces its shoddy and environmentally destructive Internet services in Dickensian sweatshops in its ruthless quest for profit, saw fit – as part of its imminent closure – to bar me, wild American friend Odell, the Big Boss and delectable Administrative Officer Winky Ip from our very own home from the middle of last week.  They have let me back in briefly in order to retrieve a few essentials, but otherwise this is it.  Cast out into the wilderness with maximum prejudice aforethought.

Souvenir hunters, the nostalgic, and the terminally bored are welcome to poke around
here – the lights go out permanently at Geocities around the end of October.

I will be heartily recommending what I suspect will be a rather common-looking ‘blog’ written by my acquaintance D.  The link is…
He is not the most interesting of people, but there is a possibility – I’d give it a 30-40% chance – that some of his scribblings will be worth reading.  To quote Steve Earle, “I remember when we was both out on the boulevard, talkin’ revolution and singin’ the blues.  Nowadays it’s letters to the editor and cheatin’ on our taxes – it’s the best that we can do.”